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Purchase Procedure


1. Reservation Agreement and Reservation Advance Payment

After you have chosen your apartment and if you are seriously interested in purchasing, a Reservation Agreement will be made. The client settles reservation advance payment in the form of the first part of the purchase price in the amount of CZK 100,000.00 within 10 days after signing the Reservation Agreement.


2. Signing a Sales Pre-Contract and Settling the 2nd Part of the Purchase Price

The client will be called to sign a Sales Pre-Contract within 30 days of signing the Reservation Agreement. Based on the Sales Pre-Contract, the client will pay the 2nd part of the purchase price in the amount of 15% out of the total purchase price for the apartment; the reservation fee will be set off within the purchase price.

Sales Pre-Contract will include the following elements: purchase price, sales documentation for the apartment, specification of appurtenance (cellar and parking lot), payment schedule, completion date and conditions for apartment takeover.

There are no further payments during the construction period; the remaining part of the purchase price will be paid after the occupancy permit is issued.


3. Signing the Sales Contract and Settling the Remaining 3rd Part of the Purchase Price

After the occupancy permit has been issued and apartments have been entered in the Land Register, the client will be called to sign the Sales Contract and settle the remaining 3rd part of the purchase price in the amount of 85% out of the price of the apartment. The remaining part of the purchase price will be settled within 30 calendar days of the date when the purchaser has received a notification stating that an occupancy permit was issued for the apartment and a motion to change the entry in the Land Register was issued.

After the project is completed and an occupancy permit is issued, we will invite you to examine and take over the apartment. This is a moment you have certainly been waiting for.